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3 Courses Set Menu

Set Menu3 Courses £20.00StartersCalamari FrittiDeep-fried squid rings served with a tartar sauce dipInsalata CapreseSliced tomatoes and mozzarella topped with olive oil and basilFunghi all’AglioDeep-fried bread-crumbed garlic mushrooms served with agarlic aioli mayonnaiseBruschetta MeditteraneaToasted Italian bread topped with a mixed ofchopped tomatoes, garlic, red onions, basil and oregano,Marinated in olive oilMain CoursesBistecca ai FunghiSirloin steak in aCream and Mushroom SaucePollo CacciatoreBreast of Chicken in a tomato sauce with onions, peppers and mushroomsSalmone al Pepe RosaSalmon filet in a creamy pink, peppercorn and prawns sauceGnocchi SorrentinaPotato dumplings in tomato, basil and mozzarellaAll mains served with side of; Chips, vegetable or saladSelection of desserts from trolley or coffee3 Courses only £20.00Book now: 01202 535642

Italian Restaurant Trattoria

La Stalla