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Red Wines

Red Wine List

House RedTasari I.G.T. “Sicilian” 13.5% Medium Dry £14.95 House Red 11.5% DRY £14.95Merlot del Veneto I.G.T 11% "Astoria" £16.45Grape Variety; 100% MERLOTIntense ruby red with hints of violet, the bouquet typically intense with a scent ofred-berry fruits. Rich, full bodied, supple good structure..Bardolino D.O.C 12% "Carlevary" £15.45Grape Variety; CORVINA VERONESE, RONDINELLA, MOLINARA andsmall amounts of NEGRANALight ruby with elegant bouquet, vinous and delicate. Dry on the palate, flavourful and well balanced with an attractive slightly bitter finish..Montepulciano D'Abruzzo Colle Cavaliere D.O.C. 12.5% "Tollo" £15.95Grape Variety; 100% MONTEPULCIANOMedium bodied ruby red with intensefruit flavours. Well balanced with good structure..Valpolicella D.O.C 11.5% "Negrar" £17.50Grape Variety; 65% CORVINA, 20% RONDINELLA, 5% MOLINARA and10% CORVINONEAromas of ripe red-berries, vinous and spicy. Medium bodie, velvet-smooth and balancedChianti Riserva Vigna Albergotti 12.5% "Arentino" £21.45Grape Variety; SANGIOVESE, CANOLIO, MERLOT and CABERNETIts smell is vinous, clear with hints of vanilla and toast bread, it presents hints of balsamic andspicy smell. The flavour is dry, sapid, slightly tannic and well-structured. It is a well-balanced and hamonic wine..Carignano del Sulcis D.O.C "NUR" 13% "Sardus Pater" £22.50Grape Variety; 100% CARIGNANOOn the nose it shows great complexity. The palate is fresh, full flavoured and carresingly soft,close-knit tanning with after ripe fruit and spice on the nose..Barbera D'Asti Vespa D.O.C. 13.5% "Cascina Castlet" £23.95Grape Variety; 100% BARBERAIts warm, generous taste and delicaate, soft flavourcombine with its pleasant acidfreshness, with smooth, opulent finish. Full purple red colour, vivid plummy fruity on the nose and a ripe, smooth palate with lots fruit characterCannonau Di Sardegna Riserva D.O.C. 13.5% "Sella e Mosca" £26.50Grape Variety; 100% CANNONAURuby red, warm, dry, hamonious with a dominant, aristocratic oak flavourBarolo Tenuta Para' D.O.C.G. 14% "Oddero" £37.50Grape Variety; 100% NEBBIOLOOddero' Barolo shows a developed, complex spicy nose and multi-layeredpalate with a long, warm and tannic finish..Amarone della Valpolicella Classico D.O.C 15.5% "Negrar" £45.50Grape Variety; 70% CORVINA VERONESE, 15% CORVINONE and15% RONDINELLAIntense garnet red with a strong, persistent, ethereal and fruit bouquet withhints of black cherries and prunes, floral notes and sweet spice aromas.Full bodied and rich, backed by structured, yet velvety tannins

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